The Written Words...
3 Bottles and A Can
…EB works for a publishing company and submits her manuscript to her boss, with hopes that he’ll publish it.  He rejects the manuscript and instead offers to help her with a rewrite.  Carolyn, EB’s girlfriend, warns EB that he’s not interested in helping her.  EB allows him to come to her apartment but instead of helping her with the rewrite he rapes her.  After the rape, EB, dazed, confused and humiliated, goA close up of a hangerDescription generated with high confidencees on her nightly jog in Central Park.  While jogging she is again attacked.  She is raped, savagely beaten and left for dead.  While unconscious, her subconscious replays, through 4 characters (Lovey, Somer, Feona, and Vicky), the events in her life that were influential in the choices she’s made.  EB challenges herself on the choices she’s made but tragically realizes that her choices have led her to a dark place she can’t return from.
…(a Yiddish word that describes the overly ornate, busy, ridiculously over-decorated garnished to the point of distaste) is a tragedy, that takes place over 4 days.  It embraces many of the issues thaA picture containing outdoor, sittingDescription generated with high confidencet plague the African American community (racism, violence, molestation, inherited problems, and homosexuality. 


Accelerating Change

...When you look around a world plagued by famine, wars, chaos and hatred, do you ever wish there was something you could do to make things better?  But felt too small or insignificant to take on the challenge?  In Accelerating Change, the 3 main characters feel that way too.  They find themselves at pivotal moments in their lives where they are overwhelmed by the events going on around them and are compelled to do something.  They are afraid but circumstances drive them to find ways to make things better.  The changes they commit to end up having  a rippling effect on future generations.   



… is a short Brechtian play where you experience the pains, sufferings, evils, and desires of A picture containing mask, clothingDescription generated with very high confidencefour characters (The One, Manny Business, The Wife and The Friend) as they find ways to deal with the realities they’re forced to live in.

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