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James Joyce wrote, “In the particular is contained the universal.” In Accelerating Change, writer-director Juanda Hall has deftly started with the particular – exploring the highly personal desire to change things for the better in a saga of an African-American family's experiences through several generations. The characters find themselves trapped by the past and desperately wanting to escape to a different future. The play is full of emotions that are universally felt: searing anger, tempered with love and ultimately, hope. 
It's an exhilarating theatrical experience.  
                                           Geoff Loftus, author of Murderous Spirit

If you’re looking for a glimpse into the true realty of the unspoken hardship of African Americans in the United States — Accelerating Change is the play for you. Four awe-inspiring tales allows the viewer to see through the eyes of multiple time periods and the hardships which have outlined the civil rights movement even before it began. Through the playwright’s witty humor and ever-encouraging tone makes way for an experience which left my family and I stratified; yet hungry for change. 

HoneyVic Productions has brought its audience to awe through gifting them the perspective of the tension which is faced with being African American in the United States. The yearn for societal change takes the lead as playwright, Juanda Hall shares her own experiences and feelings to which ignites passion and gusto into the likes of all. 

                                       "We loved it!  We couldn’t stop talking about the issues it raised!"

                                                                             "The music was great!  Perfectly paired with the thought-provoking scenes."

                                        "Loved the talk back and hearing about how the actors prepared for their roles."


                                                                             "I loved the experienced!  It felt like what off off Broadway should be."

                                        "The young lady who played Julie Porcher was great!"

                                                                             "Captured the essence of the race problem in America."

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